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How to Save Your Story with One Single Thing
Don't give up on your story just yet. Save it by adding this one single thing. A quick and easy way to add friction between your characters while doubling the suspense.
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How to Revise Your Scenes with This Simple Blueprint
Use this simple blueprint from John Cheever to revise your story scenes into compelling moments of discovery and decision.
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How to Write Your Best Story Ever with One Epic Exercise
Learn this simple, centuries-old exercise. It will refine your style, develop your voice, and deepen your grasp of narrative structure. I guarantee it.
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Writing Mini Masterclass on Controlling Ideas
Dionne Brand shows you how to structure your writing when your story has two "controlling ideas" that are equally important to the narrative.
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How to Riff Sentences for Stunning Stories
The mini masterclass shows you how to riff sentences like a master. Comes with a recipe card so that you can practice this technique yourself.
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3 Ways to Use Scrap Paper During Story Revisions
Learn how to use scrap paper to excavate original images, keep the internal logic of your story consistent, and grasp your story's "about-ness."
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How to Structure Character Perceptions
In this mini masterclass, you'll learn how to structure your character's perceptions so they mirror the cyclical process of perception we tend to use in life.
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